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Paola Melendez Casa Launches at RUE FOUR

We are so happy to announce our textile collection is now available in Washington, DC through Rue IV!

Luxury Designer Fabric Offerings at Rue Four Showroom in Washington, DC.

Rue IV is a multiline designer showroom located in Washington, DC. Rue IV provides a beautifully curated space for designers in the industry to find and shop unique products with the support of their stellar staff.


Named after the Guerin’s love of wandering the streets of Paris, and their three-year-old daughter Ivy, Rue Four is a multiline showroom anchored by Fabricut and featuring other luxury brands including: Zimmer and Rohde, Hartmann and Forbes, Elitis, Arte, Innovations, Marc Phillips, and Porta Romana lighting among others.


Luxury Designer Line Offerings at Rue Four Showroom in Washington, DC

Tray of fabric samples pulled for design project scheme during visit to Rue Four showroom in Washington, DC.

Rue IV is located at the Washington Design Center and offers its services to designers in the DC area and the Mid-Atlantic region. To learn more about this wonderful showroom and their range of home goods, including our collection of fabrics by-the-yard, visit their website at

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