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Our work is a celebration of craftsmanship, material, and imagination.

We create fabrics that breathe life, inspiration, and comfort into the modern home.

Paola Melendez Casa offers luxury home fabrics printed by hand and produced locally in USA.

CASA is deeply rooted in Paola's vision for modern living. Using slow production methods and sustainable raw materials, we create unique, heirloom-quality pieces that our clients will want to live with for a long time.

Our designs are inspired by nature, art, travel, and the never-ending possibilities presented by the use of color and mark-making. 

We also draw inspiration from the traditional fabric-making process of screenprinting and the unparalleled quality and  beauty of our certified Belgian linen grounds. 

Our designer fabrics start as Paola's original hand paintings which are then translated onto screens for handpritnting.

All of our fabrics start as hand paintings.

The designs are characterized by Paola's playful approach to pattern design, her use of painterly textures, and her love for exciting color-play.

The designs are then digitalized, translated onto screens, and hand-printed by master artisans in the USA. 
This production method makes every yard we produce a unique and long-wearing work of art. 

Paola Melendez founder and designer of luxury interior textiles for the modern home.

About Paola:

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Paola has been playing with fabrics since 1993, when she would put on fashion shows for her mom by wrapping her baby blankets around her body. In 2008, she moved to NYC to pursue an education in fashion at Parsons School of Design, where she became fascinated with screen printing, fabric art, and color-play. 
A few years later, while working as a design consultant at a vintage design archive, she fell in love with the intricacies and craftsmanship of historical textiles and the slower pace of the home industry. 

In 2019, she launched her first collection of luxury interior fabrics and made it available to the trade through various reputable designer showrooms. Since then, she has been part of numerous projects, ranging from home to hospitality, both in the US and abroad. She is currently working on her third fabric collection and expanding her body of work to include offerings like prints and wall art. 

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