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Interior Design and Life Goals

Vintage lamp covered in Paola Melendez Casa designer fabrics. Handprinted onto 100% Belgian Linen for interior design applications.

Most people I know are currently working towards some sort of goal; I bet you could say the same thing.

A big part of who we are and what we do is dictated by our goals.

Recently, I was thinking about the influence of environment on routine and realized the way you set up your rooms has such a big impact on how you feel and function every day. Interior design, then, can be used as a tool to support our goals.

Here are a few tips that might help you create a space that supports your goals.

1-Create a corner in your home to support for your new routine.

Some goals demand and adjustment to our current daily routine. Creating a space designated specifically for your new habit can create excitement, as well as, physical boundaries. Think a really comfy chair, accompanied by a plush throw and the perfect lamp, for your resolution to trade Netflix for literature before bed.

2-Declutter distractions.

The less things in between you and your goals the better. That can include things you keep around your home that have been dragging you in the wrong direction. Decluttering distractions is one of the best ways to start working towards a goal. For example, if you are trying to eat healthier, cleanse your pantry and don't shop for foods that you don't want to consume, in the first place. Decluttering distractions is a great way to support your habits and increase your focus.

3- Indulge in the benefits of organization.

I really love the saying "A place for everything and everything in its place", maybe a little too much. When it comes to crushing your goals having organized spaces will make it easier to navigate activities related to keeping your goals. If your goal requires a workspace, keep it organized and neat so that it feels inviting. Calendars and schedules are another great way to keep organized and manage your time to make sure that your goals have a place within your weekly plans.

4-Make the bedroom your sanctuary.

To accomplish most goals you are going to need lots of focus and some energy. Making sure you are getting rest and properly unplugging from the day is key in supporting your development; so think about what helps you relax and unwind. When creating a restful ambiance in your bedroom, leave no sense left behind, think of color, light, smell, sound, and of course feel.

5-Keep your goals visible.

Nothing like a good reminder to keep you focused. If you can make it aesthetic, why not? Think book displays or fruit bowls, keeping the batter mixer on your kitchen island, or that yoga mat rolled up next to your favorite stretching area. Sky is really the limit with this one.

I hope these ideas spark enthusiasm, and help rekindle your passion for any goals you are currently feeling stuck with. I would love to hear how you apply these to your life, or better yet, if you have any other tricks up your sleeves when it comes to interior design and crushing your goals.

Cheers XX Paola


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