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Creating Luxury: Handprinted Fabrics

A few posts ago, I shared a bit about how my definition of luxury has changed over the years.

You can check out that post here!

At some point during my journey through this world-- a world fueled by speed, hyper-consumerism and mass production, I had a revelation! I realized that no matter how fast the modern world spun me, I could always find solace in the slow. I began to embrace slow living. At times it felt extravagant, like embracing the slow was the most opulent thing I could choose to do. Using the slow as a marker of luxury, I could find grandeur in the most simple of day-to-day occurrences-- home-cooked meals, deep conversations with loved ones, long idle walks. It was during this period, in my quest to romanticize the slow, that I fell in love with hand-crafted objects.

Paola Melendez Casa fabric. Artisan home textiles. Screen printed luxury home fabrics.

When I started researching and planning for our debut collection of fabrics, I came across a number of production methods to choose from-- both mechanical and handmade. I found that while there were a lot of benefits to the exactitude and speed of producing mechanically, hand printing was the only process that would yield the vision I had in my mind. Slow, present, and one-of-a-kind, our fabrics carry within their threads the spirit of the artisan. Each yard we produce ever-so-slightly different than the next is a living testament to its time spent in the hands of the craftsman. (or woman!)

Making things by hand is unpredictable; it is messy and labor intensive; it requires craftsmanship and adaptability, the right tools, fine-tuned materials, and the craftman's knowledge. Hand-crafted objects are the physical expression of skills developed year after year, project after project. And as much as making by hand requires from makers, it gives back exponentially. It gives back in artistry and charm, in quality and longevity, in history and soul. Any maker will tell you that some of the most peaceful, meditative moments in their life have been those spent crafting, holding their tools, making something out of nothing.

Paola Melendez Casa. Artisan textiles for the home. Screen printed lucury home fabrics.

Now years into our venture, we continue to find great pride and purpose in our decision to print our fabrics by hand. No matter how messy it gets! Thanks to our craftsmen's commitment to their art and all the wonderful interior designers who share our fabrics with their clients, we are able to not only make the most beautiful fabrics but also support the preservation of the hand screen printing trade in USA.

To learn more about our fabrics and browse our collections check our our textile library !


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