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Our Story.

Paola creates fabrics that breathe inspiration and comfort into the modern home. Inspired by being present, looking at art, traveling, and the never-ending possibilities presented by the use of color and mark-making,  our work is a celebration of craftsmanship, material, and imagination. 

Paola has been making things since she figured out that she could turn her baby blankets into a whole Spring/Summer collection back in '92. Focusing on fashion and print-making during her years of formal design training at Parsons School of Design, Paola developed an affinity for layering textures, patterns, and unusual color combinations.


After completing her studies, Paola went on to represent various surface design studios in NYC. Through her work, she was exposed to a large number of creative teams in both the fashion and home textiles industries, which allowed her to closely study the process of designing and creating print collections.

CASA represents Paola's vision for modern living by employing slow production methods, using sustainable raw materials, and creating unique, heirloom-quality pieces that our clients will want to live with for a long time.



 Inspired by my experiences with the American landscape while traveling through the Colorado Plateau, our debut collection, 'Americana 2.0,' challenges traditional imagery often associated with the Americana design style. 


 Our designs begin as original ink paintings, which are then repeated and screenprinted onto premium natural grounds.  Our fabrics are characterized by the use of painterly textures, exciting color-play,  and exceptional craftsmanship. The textiles are available by the yard for upholstery, curtains, pillows, wall coverings, and any other project you'd like to venture into with us.

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For all questions regarding our collection, ordering fabrics, trade accounts, or acquiring memos please email us at sales@paolamelendezcasa.com or call us at 917.929.1946.

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